Sunday, October 11, 2009

Looking for the next Big Adventure

Its been sometime since I made it to the training hill for even the tiniest of flights. I miss that part of my life. Being in the air, feeling the wing, taking cues from the birds. I miss those early morning sessions when you sit and wait for the wind to start blowing in. Watching the grasses hint at a perfect opportunity. I miss the moment my feet leave the ground and then Im soaring along the ridge. I miss Flying my happy yellow glider.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kelly and J.C.

looking good

It was great to see J.C. sharing his love of paragliding with one of his favorite skydiving buds. Kelly took to the paragliding techniques quicker than most. Kelly flew his parachute. It was interesting to see a skydiving rig being flown paraglider style. J.C was flying a new speedwing from Gin that arrived last night. What beautiful wing it is! I had fun playing photographer and hiking about the hill. I forgot how much i missed that little sand hill. I have lots a fond memories flying that heap.


J.C gave Kelly some first time kiting lessons today and I gotta say Kelly did an awesome job. I brought my glider along hoping I would get the chance to pop one off the top but the conditions were pretty gnarly for my skill level reaching peaks of 20. Its been so long since I flew and I wasnt prepared for a drag . Hopefully over the coming weeks I will get another chance to get some kiting in...I miss the air and so does my wing.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Flyboys

Red Streamers

Red streamers, sunset glow on my wing, me alone in my thoughts wishing JC was here.


Sunset Sonata

A beautiful sunset dance across the sky.

Taxi Man

Our Hero . A big hug goes out to Joel for running us up and down the crater in his super taxi.
WE Love ya Joel

A Helping Hand

My new friend Ris giving me a helping hand.

Dixon White Fly In 2007

This weekend was the annual Dixon White Fly In. I think this was the first time I had ever seen so many gliders flying Sheba Crater. Im sure Dixon was smiling down on all of us. I had a nice morning flight but as the day progressed I found myself shaking too much dust off my glider, my rear end and my ego. I was way over my head flying with these guys. Especially since I get little to no airtime here at home.

The big lesson for me this weekend was that long periods off are extremely detrimental to my flying. Its back to class for this little birdie before I hit those blue skies again.

In the meantime

A big hug goes out to Tanner and his beautiful wife for their hard work and dedication to Dixons dream, and dont forget Joel who made sure that all pilots got up and down the hill in style. Talented teacher, pilot and fun loving goofball Rob Sporer kept us laughing and seeing Dixons Sweet Wife Deb was amazing. I made some new friends and got to see some old ones as well . It made for a memorable weekend.

Dixon sure knew how to bring people together and he knew how to enjoy life. Still today he brings us all together in the playfull celebration of life. Thanks Dixon. We Love Ya.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Chloe's first skydive with J.C. and Rich

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


baby 3 toed sloth, cocodrillo's, butterfly and poison dart frog.

Garlic Fish and Imperial

I cannot forget to mention the yummy food in Caldera. Our friend Fred took us to a local secret called the Bon Bonny. We loved this meal so much we tried recreating a version of it at home. It was simply delicious.

Cloud Forest

After days of heat in Dominical Nick took us to a tiny village up the the Cloud Forest known for bird watching. Its a definite must when traveling to Costa Rica. The drive was spectacular and the views even better.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Flying Dominical

Imagine flying over some of the most breathtaking jungle in smooth ocean air and at the end of the day landing on the beach for a cold margarita. Well thats what flying in Costa Rica is like. Dominical, Costa Rica is now on my list of favorite flying destinations. After more than a year lay off I was a bit nervous about flying again. Thanks to Nick Crane our amazing guide he made getting back into the air one of my most memorable flying trips. Here I am flying the lower launch in Dominical called Mike's. All I can say is if your looking for an amazing flying trip Nick is your man.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jaco, Mike's and,Fred's


Costa Rica offered up some great Flying firsts for me. A tiny taste of Thermal, a lot of ocean breezes, and amazingly beautiful views that took me to higher places. Its a flying adventure I will remember for years to come.